All of the Failure Behind Success

Although I’ve posted about this before, it bears repeating – every happy face and stellar performance you see posted is the result of a lot of time, hard work, perseverance and failure. It’s impossible to capture in one minute of video what that time has been like for anyone, because time is relative.
Some of my students have worked for a year or years to earn a stripe or belt whereas others have worked a few weeks to a few months to earn the same stripe or belt. Sometimes the same student experiences both outcomes over time.
This is why we foster a never quit attitude and taking pride in everything we do. What is hard for some is not hard for others and vice versa. No one’s station is permanent as long as their mind is not stuck.
In short, this is a shout out to all of my students, because I know they have struggled, failed and spent a massive amount of time to get their face and video on this wall. Let us also not forget their parents, their other teachers and most importantly, their fellow students who stood by, held them accountable and actively encouraged them to keep pressing on. Fail forward!

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