Everyone is Different

I have a quip about the way we teach at WTD: We teach everyone the same way, differently. It amuses me because in an age where everything is personalized, the one thing we seem to forget that is truly personal is ourselves. Meaning, why is it that we can personalize all of our belonging but we want to move in the same direction, at the same time, in the same way when it comes to our education?

At WTD it is rare that I test more than a few people in any class precisely because of this difference. Some students are incredibly dedicated, come to more classes, work out on their own and maybe even have some physical or mental attributes that are above average. I know, right? It’s almost like we all aren’t cardboard cutouts.

Other students aren’t in a rush or don’t have the drive or time to push for rank and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it is why each student is given their own personalized optimal challenge. An optimal challenge is designed to keep a student walking the tightrope of failure while forever reaching for the lifeline of success. Learning this way helps create self-discipline, fosters resilience, and establishes confidence all the while reinforcing that never-quit attitude.

No matter what kind of student you are, we are invested in you doing the best you can do. After all, the real optimal challenge is about you triumphing over yourself.

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