Getting Started

Choosing A Class

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” Anyone who is willing in mind and body to take this journey can be a student of the martial arts.


The earliest group we teach is four to six year olds, because they are developmentally able to handle the rigors of a group class. At this age, the martial arts provides the self-protection, self-confidence and self-discipline needed for preparing this impressionable age for life.

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At ages seven to twelve, martial arts provides skills that are easily transferable to sports as well as giving young adults a sense of preparedness for the world they are about to inherit.

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At thirteen and up, the martial arts teachings provide all of the above plus an avenue to reduce stress and anxiety and rekindle or reinvigorate a youthful edge. Students will continue to engage in a healthy activity with other like-minded individuals while stimulating an aging mind or body and networking with the other local professionals in their martial family.

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Beginners (White Belt)

When you study martial arts with Sensei Darren, you will learn to use blocks, parries, punches, kicks, standing grappling and escape techniques to protect yourself. As a beginner, you will learn the first 10 strikes with your hands, 5 kicks, 3 blocks, basic footwork and a number of escapes or de-escalating techniques.

Intermediate (Yellow and Orange Belt)

When you earn your yellow belt with Sensei Darren, you will move on to traditional kata (forms) practice. Kata brings another layer of coordination to your basics. Memorizing kata disciplines the mind and body so that they work together seamlessly. Once you understand the theory of movement, you can begin to organize even more layers of movement. In time, your mind and body will be able to spontaneously and efficiently react to internal and external stimuli.

In addition to kata, you will learn bunkai (applications), which are the fighting techniques found within kata.

Intermediate/Advanced (Blue, Green, Brown and Black Belt)

When you earn your blue belt with Sensei Darren, you will learn jiu kumite (sparring), which is the free exchange of all of the fighting techniques found in kata and bunkai. At the advanced ranks, you will learn to project the three pillars of discipline, awareness and organization through your expression of the traditional martial arts. This expression will come with you outside the dojo and lead you through your everyday life challenges and triumphs.

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